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We’re Northern Girls and proud of our roots. We speak in simple terms rather than ‘Management talk’. We have found that this keeps training relevant and breaks down barriers to learning, our trainees feel more relaxed and join in.

We work hard and we are passionate about learning.

We like to give something back, do what we can for charity.

Industries we've worked in: food, education, construction, engineering, facilities management, pensions, banking, retail, customer services, contact centres, financial services and outsourcing - yes, we've been around a bit!

Training is relevant no matter what sector.

We keep our training real. We don't give you a million acronyms to remember for customer service; we base our training on experience, best practice, market research and feedback, with a sprinkle of fun! ...and chocolate...

We have developed course programmes depending on your aim. Whether it is to get hired, excel in customer services or focus on developing yourself, then we have a programme for you.

Our courses are designed tailored to your needs. If you want a bite size portion, or the full monty, then we can provide it.

You can book onto one of our pre-designed courses or you can pick and mix the topics of your choice! If you don’t see a topic that you have been looking for, then come and have a chat with us and we can work together to develop it.

All our Training is North West based.



I always wanted to be a teacher when I was younger, this naturally progressed to training and this is what I have done all my working life. I even find myself training at home to the dismay of my family!

For me, it's the whole package. The initial need and finding the solution, then getting creative and designing the session. Delivery is always a blast and you meet some fantastic characters, some now friends and some I will remember for the rest of my life! Seeing the transformation of a person from the beginning to the end always gives me a great feeling. Then you get to sit back and reflect on the whole thing, you always learn something and improve, seeing what worked, what didn't. Then you get to do it all over again, oh I love my job!

Some personal things about me... I'm a big foodie (or maybe just greedy!) all I'm saying is don't leave cake or chocolate unattended around me! I like to go on holiday - who doesn't? Not a football fan so I don't get into the politics of red or blue, but talk to me about cars, I will happily talk about GTIs and Astons any day!



My journey to training is a bit of a chicken and egg situation. Did I find training or did training find me?

After working in the banking industry for almost a decade I decided to sell my not so cherished items, put my much loved possessions in storage, pack a pretty big rucksack and go, backpacker style and see the world.

Mountains, rivers, beaches, food, wild experiences and much more. Almost 2 years later I came home and decided to look for a change of career. Fast forward a smidge and ‘Hello Becky’, interviewing for an internal training role. “Now, that’s exactly what I want to do,” and the rest as they say is history.

Training has become an absolute passion. I can say that I love it! People are my thing and I learn more from those I am training than any other job role could possibly offer.

So, a bit about what I like – in no particular order; I like food, every single type of food! I laugh...lots, I love to travel, Man U, DIY – power tools (even if I’ve not got the skill to use them, I believe I have), music, and Eastenders (for my sins!).

My motto – Try everything TWICE.

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