Work & Personal Development for Men, 4 Workshops over 3 Months Practical Training

Navigator is for men who want to examine both their home and work life in order to identify practical and realistic steps to fulfil their potential. It gives the time and space to address challenges of modern living, stereotypes of masculinity, the challenges facing the 21st century man as well as mental health, well-being and stress management.

This programme was developed in response to the phenomenal success of its sister development training programme for women – Springboard. This powerful and pioneering development course has been successfully used by over 9,000 men across many different industries.

Who should attend

The individual:
Navigator is designed for men from all backgrounds, ages and stages of their lives, who want to examine their home and work life in order to take their next steps more consciously. It supports men to understand the world they are now living in, and then challenges their expectations based on historical male roles. It includes setting goal strategies that work, benefitting from experienced and knowledgeable coaching and support, as well as encouraging attendees to take risks and manage change.

The employer:
The Navigator programme enables employers to develop staff to their fullest potential, is quick and easy to implement and can be a component in any diversity and/or gender initiatives. For even greater impact, organisations can run the Springboard and Navigator programmes in parallel.

Why men only

Normally, training courses have a mixture of men and women and work perfectly well that way. This self-development course is a different type of training course, one which relies on the openness and honesty of the participants. Extensive research has found that for men, for this type of self-analysis, a single gender workshop is conducive to a more productive learning experience. Why it's different from a mixed group:
Mainstream programmes do not address specific issues for men – this does.

Results after the programme

The results relate to the individual aims and objectives that each man has set for himself in the first workshop.

Many men use the programme to stop thinking and start acting, to develop goal-setting strategies with results and improve their performance at work.

Other men focus on results in their personal life, such as reviewing what really matters to them, improving health, dealing with stress and gaining a work/life balance. We have an abundance of evaluation evidence, gathered from a wealth of organisations over many years. Here is just a flavour of the fantastic results you can expect.

A more positive attitude’ since attending

‘Better decision making’ skills

Better communication skills

More confidence, deal better with customers and find solutions

About the Programme

Delivered over three months, it consists of five simple yet powerful, parts:

The programme is split into 4 Practical workshops:
Workshop 1
Getting Started

    This workshop gets you starting to think about who you are, what differences gender makes and what that means for others. The workshop starts looking at what you want from your life and defines goals with the formation of coaching partnerships and networking within the group.

    Participants will:

  • Discover what they have to offer, understand themselves and what is important to them
  • Assess the influence that their gender has had and will have on others
  • Be inspired by a Guest Speaker
  • Effective goal setting
  • Form coaching partnerships
Workshop 2
Change & Communication

    This workshop explores the change process and how to deal with it. It also explores highly effective communication and identifies areas for development.

    Participants will:

  • Develop practical strategies for dealing with change
  • Identify development gaps
  • Understand their communication
  • Be inspired by a Guest Speaker
Workshop 3
Assertiveness Plus

    This workshop digs deeper into the perception of men and the effects of these perceptions on their feelings and their health. It looks at what assertiveness really is and the importance of choice.

    Participants will:

  • Understand the spectrum of behaviour and focus on the practical key ingredients for effective assertive communication
  • Assertiveness theory and practice
  • Be inspired by a Guest speaker
  • Understand how to take more control over their lives
  • Deal with topical issues such as men’s health and feelings
Workshop 4
The Next Chapter

    This final workshop is a real energy booster looking at the self-analysis that has taken place so far. It focuses on how the learning can be implemented for the future, reaching out and blowing your own trumpet.

    Participants will:

  • Review their progress, achievements and present their successes
  • Generate practical ideas and support
  • Learn ways to network more effectively and explore how external networks can help to maximise their reach
  • Take personal ownership of their image and reputation
  • Be inspired by a Guest speaker
  • Learn techniques to demonstrate putting themselves across positively
  • Realistic plans for achieving their goals
  • Graduate

See What Others Have to Say...

"This course provides an ideal opportunity to share with others development strategies. It gave me the perfect support and enabled me to get promotion and created an environment to develop plans for future personal and professional development. I would thoroughly recommend it".
Hugh Kilmister, City University

"From my point of view Navigator has been brilliant, especially as a younger member of the group starting put on my career path. This course has given me much greater focus on what I want and a lot of help with how to go about getting it".
Richard Jones, Suffolk Police

"We use Springboard and Navigator as they boost substantially the personal and professional development of our staff."
Sinead Rafferty, Training and Development, First Trust Bank

Certification & CPD

Once you have completed the programme you will be presented with a certificate of attendance. Upon completing a short feedback form via on online link attendees can earn a total of 28 CPD hours.

Where and when

This can be delivered at your venue at times and dates to suit your organisation.