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WOW! How time flies when you are enjoying yourself! It's already time for the second GO! Newsletter! We are SUPER PROUD to say that we are accredited licensed Springboard Trainers! The phenomenally successful, award-winning development programme for women. This enables women to identify the clear, practical and realistic steps that they want to take to make a better world for themselves at work and home, whilst building the practical skills and confidence to take these steps. It is delivered through an extensive network of licensed trainers and has been used by over 230,000 women in over 40 countries. The Springboard Women’s Development Programme has a tried and tested format that is frequently updated, grounded in reality and has an impeccable track record. Delivered over the duration of three months, it consists of five simple yet powerful ingredients:

• A superb best-selling workbook, regularly up-dated and embracing all the material for the entire programme.
• Four action-packed one-day workshops spread over three months.
• The provision of real, relevant and inspiring role models.
• The encouragement of effective networks within the group.
• A local support system to enable sustainable progress.

becgemwarwick We spent a week in Warwick Conference Centre with The Springboard Consultancy where Georgina, Senior Springboard Training Consultant, took us through the accreditation. For me it was refresher training as I had already delivered several programmes in-house for a previous employer. It was great to work with the materials again and share them with Gemma. We also had the privilege of Gillian Neish being on the accreditation, she has been a licensed trainer from the beginning (1991 was the first trainers' licensing course!) so has a wealth of knowledge and is so inspiring! The other women on the licensing course were fabulous and are now part of our network, and more importantly our friends too! We hope to feature some of them in our newsletter soon so watch this space!

This month we have been busy networking again, starting with Trafford Business Expo 16 held in Lancashire County Cricket Club, here we met Dino from Talk UK which is a telecoms provider of integrated voice and data comms providing your businesses with a future proof leading edge solution for your every communication need.

The second event of the month was the Business Growth Hub Breakfast Series: How to make your business grow, held at the Apple store in Trafford Centre. Here we met Sam from Direct Drinks and Snacks which is a family run wholesaler operating from Bury, who specialise in the provision of drinks, bar supplies, catering supplies and cleaning materials to the catering/licensed trade across the North West and West Yorkshire. We also met ACE Engineering, a local sheet metal work company based in Hindley Green in Wigan. They also undertake custom car and bike work as well as bespoke furniture and garden furniture.

Signing off for now, don't miss our 60 Seconds with...this month it features Leanne Kirk, New Business Developer at SILK Global.


**We are now taking bookings for First Aid at Work Training! We can also deliver CPR and AED plus Paediatric and Emergency First Aid – drop us a line for more info.**

First Aid at Work


You are invited to the first ever GO! Train and Develop FREE Expo and networking event!

It's FREE to attend the event and visitors can benefit from FREE information and advice from our range of experts, source new suppliers, have one to ones with a range of buyers, there will also be FREE networking opportunities in our speed networking and networking areas throughout the day.

Please book your free ticket on eventbrite - you need it to get in! https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/go-train-and-develops-free-expo-networking-event-north-west-tickets-26410808439?ref=ebtn

Our passion is supporting local business growth and development. We hope that you are able to either meet new clients, suppliers, prospects or just catch up with old business associates.

Free parking and refreshments, you will also be given a bag to collect business cards, flyers and goodies from the expo stalls!

Events like these help you to find new ideas, inspiration, motivation, network, contacts and skills that you need to take your business to the next level.

We look forward to welcoming you to the first ever GO! Train and Develop FREE Expo and networking event!

First Aid at Work


bulb moment

3 Words Confident People Never Say And 3 Words They Always Use

We all know that language is a crucial communication tool. The powerful use of words can be influential in a crowd and at the workplace, as well as in our daily lives. But it isn’t just about getting a point across to the world: words are the building blocks for our frame of mind that impacts the results we create, that empowers and motivates. Once you realise this, it becomes clear that bringing awareness to the words used by the inner voice is just as critical as being careful with the words we use with others.

3 words to ban from your vocabulary:

1. “Can’t.”

It is a weakening and disempowering word. As we grow up, we start to put ourselves in a box and believe that box to be our reality, even though what we are capable of is often greater and wider than we can imagine. When you say “I can’t”, you are giving power to your limitations, not your possibilities. Once you say it enough, “I can’t hike up that hill,” then quite simply, you never will.

Instead say:
“Right now, I am not physically trained.” You just opened up A NEW possibility of getting the training you need to one day accomplish the hike.

2. “Wish.”
There is no magic box or wizard out there to grant your wishes! Our dreams require hard work, planning and support. We can wish to be CEO, but we have to stop wishing and start DOING to make it happen. That could mean late nights, lots of networking, developing soft and hard skills.

Instead say:
“I desire.” Go ahead, say it out loud. Using the words want or desire to express yourself communicates clarity and an active voice. If sentences that start with “I wish” sound passive and somewhat uninspired, sentences that start with “I desire” indicate passion and purpose.

3. “But.”
Notice if you asked yourself, “but why?” it reduces any statement you just made, it’s a downer! You were going to do X “but”.... and there is often an excuse that follows. It’s also usually argumentative. People offer solutions to our concerns, and when we are not willing to listen or change, we counter with a “but” and an excuse for why it won’t work. It’s the language of disempowerment.

Instead say:
“And.” Watch out for the openness you create in your mind and in the responses you receive when you replace your “ifs” and “buts” with “ands” and “sures.”

3 words to always use

1. "Choose"
You can see immediately how it lifts the energy when you say “I choose to” instead of “I have to” or “I need to.” Say, “I choose to stay late tonight at work,” and not “I have to work late,” which creates the feeling of pressure. Or, perhaps you choose NOT to, which is also fine instead of “I can’t” or “I won’t.” It speaks from a place of direction and responsibility. Another effective alternative is, “I intend.”

2. "Know"
“And.” Watch out for the openness you create in your mind and in the responses you receive when you replace your “ifs” and “buts” with “ands” and “sures.”

3. "Thank You"
As writer G.B. Stern said: “Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone.” Gratitude is important to the speaker and the listener. When you say “thank you”, make it specific, timely and genuine. As a leader, acknowledging the work of another allows you to put in perspective the role of those around and stay humble. For the listener, it creates the feeling of being appreciated and valued. A confident person always expresses their gratitude with a clear and present “thank you.”

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Race for life

Cancer Research

60 Seconds

Leanne, Owner of SILK Global


It was nice meeting you at the Trafford Centre Leanne, tell me about what you do.

I still have a fulltime job in HR which I absolutely love but I decided to earn some extra cash I decided to embark on a new venture. When I looked into Forever Living Products I realised it would be something I would enjoy and possibly be quite good at. The main aim of my business is to recommend products whilst coaching and mentoring others to successfully do the same. I generate customer and meet new colleagues by hosting parties, attending events and networking sessions, using the power of social media and general word of mouth and speaking to people in everyday situations about what I do. I recently had a great success with a social media campaign through a facebook incentive were the biggest number of shares won a fabulous Forever prize. This was great for broadening my marketable customer base and getting the face of Forever out to people I would never have met with.

What song motivates you on a rainy Manchester morning?

My current go to morning songs are Cake by the Ocean by DNCE + SWAY and This Girl by Kungs cooking on 3 burners.

What is your favourite phrase or quote?

Whilst I love Richard Branson quotes I think my favourite saying is “What will be will be”.

Why do you think training is important?

Knowledge is Power.
I’m still learning myself, every day I learn. If you are going to be selling something, you need to know everything about it.
Also as a mum I have to be open to training and to learning to I can then teach and guide my daughter the right way. Training is there to be enjoyed.

Like what you hear? You can get in touch with Leanne via Facebook @s.i.l.kgobal or mobile 07785 630048

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