Restructures, Mergers & Acquisitions

For a business to develop and thrive in ever-changing environments both political, technological and financial, change is inevitable. Whether you are contemplating a merger or acquisition to increase your market share, gain a competitive advantage in your field or reduce overall costs, we will provide advice and support on your business structure changes including methods to consult with staff and the legalities around contractual changes. We will also provide ongoing support on your Organisation Development needs to help ensure that the changes are successful and the objectives for the merger or acquisition are met.

TUPE Transfers (Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment) Whether you are welcoming new members of staff into your business due to a merger, adopting a business and its staff due to an acquisition or transferring staff out of the business, we can work with you on the necessary legal consultation requirements as well as providing onboarding support to incorporate your new members of staff into your business.

Restructures & Redundancies

If a restructure will give you the ability to better organise your business, reduce costs or increase efficiencies, we can work with you to ensure that staff remain engaged during the process, that they are correctly consulted with and that should any redundancies be necessary, that these are handled sensitively and in accordance with employment law. We help you take into account the members of staff who remain following a redundancy exercise to ensure that your new structure is working efficiently from the start.